Saturday, 29 July 2017

Great news for SEE students

Dear Students
Scientific Nepal is a project launched to create a mega platform for all activities related to science and technologies conducted in Nepal as well as to facilitate students by providing easy learning platform for science and mathematics for all levels. This year we are going to help you for your SEE preparation in a convenient way. You will get learning materials as well as interaction platform for Science and Optional Mathematics.
How can you take advantage from this module?
We believe in one motto “Slow and steady wins the race”. Students  generally try to take all the burden of course at a same time which make their study lengthy as well as cumbersome. We are going to help you to change this study pattern and  learning  easy.
Everyday we will give five to ten questions which you can solve and learn within thirty minutes. If you continue practicing this  everyday, you will be able to get excellent grade without any difficulties.
In Optional mathematics we will provide five to ten questions based on same method. You will get one solved problem and other problems which can be solved by similar method.
Every weekend you will get a model question paper from which you can measure your learning process as well.
Very soon we are going to launch “Solution on demand” module in which you can get instant solution for the questions that you find hard to solve.
Very soon we will launch video classes also.
If you have some idea, feel free to contact us. You can leave your suggestions in comment box.
Your class will  start from tomorrow.
Mahesh Sagar Khanal
` Scientific Nepal



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