Tuesday, 24 April 2012

congratulation to NAP

i have heard that National Academy of Science is just registered. It is very good news that we students have our organization to share our idea about physics and learn too many things. Scientific Nepal was established in similar theme. But due to some reason our friends could not give regular contribution. So Scientific Nepal Team wants to congratulate all the member of NAP and wish them for successful journey ahead. Despite of this there is some debate about NAP in professors and students about NAP. Some professors are in doubt that is NAP is parallel body with Nepal Physical Society? There are other queries about it. And the ADMIN of that group clarify by following statements,
 1. NAP is just an student organization that mainly aims to conduct discussions and sharing information and ideas about the recent discoveries in Physics. 2. NAP clearly understands that the Nepal Physical Society ( NPS ) is the highest and ultimate organization that works for Physics. NAP is not bypassing NPS and NAP isn’t a parallel organization to NPS. 3. It is just their immaturity if anyone compares NAP with NPS. NAP is just a group of students whereas NPS is the group of most renowned Professors and Scientists and graduated students of Nepal. 4. Since NAP is just born and crawling its baby steps, The NAP Team would like to heartily welcome all the Professors, Lecturers, Teachers and students who are interested in Physics to ENCOURAGE, help, teach and guide us in our face book group page. Your love and care is what keep us alive. 5. Please join to ENCOURAGE, guide and help us with your genius brain and ideas at https://www.facebook.com/groups/napnepal/ Thanks. The NAP Team.

again best wishes to them from our side..... 



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