Thursday, 15 April 2010

Super-Consciousness: Biological Connectedness, just in Avatar?

A movie that did extremely well this year was that of Avatar, but was the biological connectedness of the Na’vi just a fictitious connection with the world from a science fiction movie. Researchers at the Academy for future science think that the secrets that underlie the connections of all nature can be explained by the biotransdutors or energies given off by any creature and that this energy is the key to unlocking the “limitless mind”. They suggest that there is a greater conscious network that allows us to gain insight into our world that humans are simply not taking advantage of yet which they refer to a superconciousness. Superconciousness, according to these researchers, involves realms beyond our space and time and as science continues to progress so will our conscious awareness and we will then be able to tap into the energies that surround our world much like the Na’vi in Avatar. Sound far fetched? Look here for the full article.



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