Monday, 23 November 2009

Strings theory and scientific Discovory

Man's quest for knowlwdge is infinite. It has always been a keen desire for human beings to undestand the universe it's origin, it's size, nature and composition.. But to understand this vast universe, scientists have gone deeper and deeper into the composition of each and every materials and are in search smallest particle of the world that is the basic of every natural phenomenon that occur in the universe. In this quest we discovered atoms and thought that they are indivible component of every material. Later our boundry of knowlwdge widened and found that even atom is made up of sub atomic particle like electron proton and neutron. Few years ago two scientist were awarded noble prize for their discovory of quarks things that make even prootons and neutrons. This process of finding minute particle seems never ending then what will be the ultimate particle that makes everything? It is tiny vibrating string as described by strings theory which is atill to be proved.

Strings theory is said to have originatad during 1960. the exact founder of this theory is controversial. This theory is so strange that it is hard to believe it. According to this theory every particle even the sub atomic particle and quarks are made up of extremely tiny vibrating particle which are so small that if an atom is compared to solar system string will be as big as a tree! Hence its detection seems almost impossible. The most most moredible thing about strings theory is that these tiny vibrating strings have 11 dimensions. Till now we have discovered four dimensions clearly. Thay are length breadth height and fourth is time as proved by Albert Einsteins inhis theory of relativity. It is difficult for us to understand this fourth dimension. Then how can the unerstanding upto 11 dimension possible? May be future will tell us thst.

The vibrating nature of strings gives different property to tha matter. For example one kind of vibrating strings combine to form basic particle like electron and other tupe of vibrating string combine to form basic particle that make proton or nrutrons. It is said that the origination and performance of gravity, energy, weak force and electromagnetism will be revealed by this strings if their exixtence is proved. It will take out understanding of the universe to compleately new horizon.

Strings theory has not been practically proved yet. There are many scientist who are for and against it since it is impossible to detect such small particle woth existing knowlwdge and resources, we will have to wait for many decades ans may be centuries for its satisfactory proof of existence. If it is proves correct then confusion created by to [rominient big theory if science theory of relativity and quantum will be overcomed. Theory of relativity applies only foe extremely huge distsance and large objects and quantum theory applies for only minute objects of atomic level. Therefore there is the need of one single more prominoent theory of science that governs the nature. And strings theory may be the solution.

Strings the\ory if proved will open a vast resources of answers to the many unansweres questions of modern science as discovery of atoms and subatomic particle has helped us to understand unsolved natural phenomenon. We may be able to enjoy many new inventions explore the four corners of the universe and know about its size origin and limit. We may be able to understand spritual aspects of life scientifically. We may be able to fullfill our dream of time travel and get answers of many unsolved questions of science. We may be able to control gravity and other forces of nature that they act according to our will. All we have to do is watch and wait until a supermind discovers the secret.



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