Saturday, 28 November 2009


The main branch of science is physics so to describe the relation in between science and philosophy we must understand relation between physics and philosophy. Physics have played an vital role for developement of philosophy directly or indirectly. This may observed the developement of philosophy after milestone work in physice like work of newton. Philosopher usually divided in two trend one who support traditional way other adopt the new theory of physics and change their thinking. They are usually classified as spritualist and materialist. Only materialist are affected by the new developement of physics and they try to match the scientific theory and philosophy. The latest version of materialistic theory is dialectic materialism by marx. Then many revolunary work has been done by scientist. Science see great scientist like Einstein in this period. But none of the philosopher try to make new theory of philosophy. So if we want to see a new philosophy that is suitable with current society then one must combine the recent developement in physics and philosophy . That is the need of current society



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